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The World Metaverse Game That Allows Its Users To Earn Passive Incomes

Lydian.World is a blockchain-based gaming platform partially owned and operated by its players. Inspired by popular board games, Lydian.World allows all users to generate valuable game assets and receive rewards.

Join Us And Expand Your World

Lydian World represents an innovative approach to gaming, where participants can not only have fun but also generate real income.

Lydian World is a vast and all-encompassing marketplace that transcends geographical boundaries, connecting participants from around the globe.

Income Resources


Benefit even more from your acquisitions and sales: a fraction of the fees generated on the marketplace will be returned into the reward pool, boosting the opportunities for all citizens

Staking Pool

For each new user who joins Lydian.World and acquires a position with G999, the coins are collected and distributed into the country where the position has been taken. All the collected G999 coins are staked into a common pool which forwardly rewards its citizens.

Mainnet Staking Pool

For each new user who joins Lydian.World and acquires a position with G999, the coins are collected and distributed into the country where the position has been taken. All the collected G999 coins are staked into a common pool which forwardly rewards its citizens.

LionCake Staking Pool

Stake & Harvest from your LionCake pool. You will be credited with Lydian Lions & Cake tokens when you reach the minimum harvesting limits.

Telegram Trivia

Trivia game over the blockchain that rewards you based on your knowledge. The reward will represent 80% of the total amount from the entry fees + the coins collected from the wrong-answered questions and will be split between the players.

NFT Marketplace

Created to enhance the experience of the Lydian.World, the NFT marketplace comes with features like listing, buying and selling NFTs, all these generating fees and creating one more income resource into the game.

Interactive Airdrops

There are many opportunities in the blockchain industry, and one of them is known as "airdrop". Our team will analyze the projects with the highest potential and populate the Lydian.World game map with these opportunities.

Lydian Staters Minefields

A mining certificate is a digital certificate in the Lydian.World that allows the players to load it on one of their citizenship to access the mining of the Lydian Stater - the liquid token of LydianWorld.

Lydian Cities

Imagine a place where every player can become the owner of a decentralized virtual land. A place where every running business rewards a shared portion of the generated profits as distributed fees to its country's citizens.

Mainnet Masternodes

The mainnet masternodes is an income resource which distributes mainnet coins generated thanks to the running masternodes created and maintained by the team. This resource is limited to the 4,000 maximum available mainnet masternodes.

Digital Architects

Embrace the boundless horizon of digital architecture, where your creativity flourishes, sculpting intricate 3D assets destined for the thriving marketplace, paving the way for a rewarding journey of creation and sales success.

Entertaining Games

Lydian.World offers you a wide variety of In-World games, representing a valuable source of fun and generating rewards. By playing Backgammon or Trivia games, you could earn prizes.

A metaverse in constant expansion

In our eyes, Lydian.World is a unique virtual world, designed to evolve with the latest technologies and trends in order to give our growing community the ability to take part in, and benefit from, assisted copy trading activity, digital artwork creation and marketing, transparent digital banking reward mechanisms, digital asset authentication and distribution, and much much more.

New features to arrive soon

Assisted Trading

Assisted trading, as we call it, is a great opportunity where users meet experienced traders. While the fee is dynamic according to the user's traded volumes and limited to 30% of the resulting profits, this will be charged 50% in the non-liquid token and 50% into the liquid token. While the traders are getting paid for their work with the liquid token, the Lydian.World game players will benefit from each trade of the non-liquid token.

External API Connection

Created to be an auto-expandable ecosystem, the Lydian.World platform permits opt-in via API for third-party projects. This creates a launchpad for engagement between the Lydian.World community and possible future role players, thus creating a 'win-win╩╝ situation between all role players within the community and beyond.

Kingdama NFT Museum

Kingdama, named after the Kendama traditional Japanese skill toy, is the first available real and virtual NFT museum minted by Croesus. The users can own a piece of the museum or visit it digitally. Every single mentioned action will generate benefits.

In-World Games

The In-World Games, a valuable source of fun and community engagement, is a special section where games such as "Squid Game" or "LionCake" find their place in our daily joy. All these games will generate rewards and distribute them back to the Lydian.World.

Community Governorate Crowdfunding

Not just an extra layer of functionality and income for the Lydian.World game players, but also the best chance for our community to propose new projects and get them listed for funding. The Lydian.World validators will have the power to decide if the project has the potential for a crowdfunding listing on our game. If the project gets listed and funded, some of those funds will reward our validators.

Why Joining Lydian World?

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